With more than two thousand years of history, Barcelona has always been known for its innovative and creative spirit.
Since its Iberian beginnings and later as a Roman colony, the city has developed through its vision and imagination as well as its capacity to constantly reinvent itself. Today the city’s past and its traditions live side by side with its future and new challenges.

Barcelona is creative and a source of inspiration. Its originality, spontaneity and style make it truly unique. This is a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan city, while at the same time it has a relaxed Mediterranean feel best appreciated during a casual stroll.

This welcoming and hospitable city opens its doors to you, inviting you to enjoy its Mediterranean culture and traditions, shopping, prestigious gastronomy and a wide variety of fun and cultural activities. All of this together with the entrepreneurial, openhearted character of its people will let you experience the wonders of a diverse, preeminent city.